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Whether it is in front of five, fifty or five hundred people, public speaking is something that gives many people a great deal of anxiety. I provide public speaking coaching for business professionals who are looking to engage and wow an audience. Owning the room is about engaging an audience to the fullest. It is about communicating your message in a way that is authentic to you.


I will work with you to capitalize on your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Public speaking is one of the most valuable business/career skills you’ll ever have, and it is a skill that most definitely can be learned.

What does it mean to "own the room?"
Individual Coaching


  • Business Proposals

  • Keynote Speeches

  • Political Addresses

  • Telephone Voice Coaching

  • Television Appearances

  • Occasional Speeches (Wedding Toasts, Eulogies & Retirement Speeches)

  • Interviews & Elevator Speeches

Group Workshops


  • The Power Presenter

  • The Elevator Speech

  • Express Yourself!

  • Social. Sell. Succeed.

Customized Services


Whether it be a workshop for your employees, or a customized one-on-one session, let me tailor a program to fit your public speaking needs and goals.

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