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Allow me to help you create and develop...

  • Keynote Speeches

  • After Dinner Speeches

  • 60 Second Commercials

  • Elevator Speeches

  • Television and Radio Appearances

  • Television Commercials

  • Seminars

  • Sales Proposals

  • Telephone Voice Coaching

  • Wedding Toasts

  • Eulogies

  • Retirement Speeches



Individual Coaching

My process:

I approach every client and speech differently.  Each client that I work with comes with a different tool box that we must enhance and grow.  I work with some clients only once or twice on a speech, and some 8-10 times.


1. Initial Consultation - I meet with every client once at the beginning to get a feel for what kind of training they need and how I can best create a program for them specifically.


2. After that meeting the client and I will agree on a plan of action to prepare for their upcoming presentation or training.


My techniques:

Speech Content & Structure:

When a client is preparing a presentation, it is imperative that we meet from the beginning in order to create an organized and interesting speech.  I teach my clients how to organize their presentations for optimal audience engagement.   Also, with 15 years of public speaking experience, I have a wealth of knowledge on topics, audience participation ideas, demonstrations, introductions and closings.  I help a presenter go from good to WOW!



Dynamic and engaging presenters express enthusiasm through their voice and body.   Because public speaking is a feared activity for some, we tend to stay inside our comfort zone while presenting.  Our comfort zone consists of small gestures, a small voice and thus small, monotone delivery.  I help my clients to break out of their comfort zone and do dynamic things with their voice and body that will actually seem normal to them.  Everyone should present as if they are interacting with their best friend; animated and enthusiastic.


With my intensive theatre and voice training, I am able to help my clients achieve optimal vocal projection, facial expressions, and body movement.  Much of my training mirrors that of an acting class where clients experiment with voice and body expression in a safe environment.

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